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Follow-Up to Evaluating My Hardware Situation

So, I wrote a post almost a month ago to help me determine what hardware to buy for my office.  Well, now I have made my major purchases and am very pleased with the results.  Here is what is new for my business:

+16 GB RAM for my Desktop

OK, so maybe I don’t really need 8+16=24GB RAM at the moment, but I am really happy to have gotten rid of the “not enough memory” type warnings.  And when I begin doing more virtualization I will be prepared!

iPad (3rd-Generation)

This has been an excellent investment!  I don’t need to lug my giant backpack with my computer, power chord, mouse, Bible, and other reading material anymore.  I can simply grab my shoulder bag with the iPad and keyboard, and off I go.  I am very pleased with Evernote, too.  I can take notes during meetings, organize these notes, and later transfer all my TODOs to my project management software at the end of the day.
Having a tablet has been amazing.  I don’t know whether getting an iPad is necessarily better than an Android tablet, but I do feel cool…

MacBook Pro

This was at the bottom of my list of items to purchase since I don’t really need a Mac.  Yet I had a friend selling his old 2009 MacBook Pro with upgraded memory so he could purchase a Windows laptop.  I decided to go for it.  Timing-wise, this was great to have while my old laptop was out of commission and I had not yet received my new ThinkPad.
I have a lot to learn about running a Mac.  It is very different than my Windows machines.  I am looking forward to learning what settings and features the Mac has.  Maybe I’ll even find some scenarios where I will use a Mac exclusively, but for now I am leaving this machine for cross-platform and cross-browser website testing.

Lenovo ThinkPad T530

I am very excited for this machine!  The machine has an i7 processor, 8GB RAM, 100GB SSD, and a wide 15.6″ display.  And the cherry on top is a fingerprint reader so I can login without typing my ridiculously long password.  Also, the speakers are amazing (at least when compared to the puny sound coming out of my old ThinkPad SL500).


Now I know I have the equipment I need and then some.  I have already made use of all these purchases, and I know the investments are not going to waste.  Business is growing, and now I’m feeling even more prepared.  I still have other dreams for my office (two more large monitors to replace my three smaller monitors), but those are definitely not needed for now.  I’m doing pretty well with what I have for now.
Thank You Father God for Your provisions.  Give me wisdom and guidance to steward your provisions well and to make use of what you set before me.