Past Projects:

Infallible I.Q. Test

A friend of mine showed me this list of questions.  I quite enjoy riddles like these.  See if you can match the correct term at the bottom with each phrase or question.

  1. What Noah built
  2. An article for serving ice cream
  3. What a bloodhound does when pursuing a woman
  4. An expression to represent the loss of a parrot
  5. An appropriate title for a knight named Koll
  6. A nearly sunburned man
  7. A tall coffee pot in use
  8. What one does when it rains
  9. A small dog sitting on a refrigerator
  10. What a boy does on the lake when his motor won’t run
  11. What do you call a person who wrote for an Inn?
  12. What the captain said when the boat was bombed?
  13. What a little acorn says when it grows up
  14. What one does to trees that are in the way
  15. What you do if you have needles and yarn
  16. Can George Washington become a country?

Here are the possible terms:

  • perpendicular
  • inscribe
  • decagon
  • center
  • hypotenuse
  • cosecant
  • coincide
  • axiom
  • polygon
  • tangent
  • cone
  • geometry
  • circle
  • are
  • unit
  • hero