Hard Drive Space

So, I’m having some new issues with hardware: hard-drive space:
  • My 2 x 100GB SSD hard-drive space is running out.
  • I have multiple machines (desktop, laptop. macbook, iPad) for which I want to share files and work on similar projects.
  • I want to have more people work with me on projects, so I need to share files with others easily
What do I do?  Here are some options I found:

Google Drive

This is an excellent place for me to place files I want to share with others.  We can edit files simultaneously, which I have seen work magnificently in several situations.
I use this application for any collaborative documents (or spreadsheets, presentations, etc.) I need built.  Using Google Drive on my iPad has not been as convenient.  For my own notes, I use Evernote, where I can easily sort and manage my documents on many machines.


Dropbox has been a great application to sync my frequently used files between all my machines.  Once any of my machines gets only, Dropbox makes sure I have the current version of these files, and I don’t have to worry about “Did I make those changes here or there?”.  This works well for small files I need to be synced routinely, or when I’m working on a project and don’t want to use my USB stick to transfer files between my machines.
I will continue to use Dropbox to sync frequently accessed files that I keep around for a while.  This week I purchased a pro account to Dropbox.  I will store documents and working files here.  Soon, I will be able to access my files from anywhere, but it will take about 2 weeks to upload everything to their server.  Wow!


GitHub is a great source control location to store projects I am currently developing.  I currently have the Micro plan for $7/month which allows me to store 5 repositories.
I am often working on 10+ projects in a given month nowadays.  I need somewhere I can store several projects.  I would even like to store my past projects as well.  Then I could simply download the projects I am currently working on, and my versions would automatically be saved for me.  Also, I could allow others access to the same projects and allow Git to merge our separate changes together.

In writing this blog, I found a list of hosted Git repositories, and read a stackoverflow article which lead me to choose bitbucket, a free alternative to GitHub.  bitbucket charges per user rather than per repository, which I believe will be much more beneficial for my business.  GitHub’s price structure is excellent for a large team focused on a few projects, especially large open-source projects.

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