Now Hiring!

The Time has Come

I am excited to enter a new phase of business!  I am now registered with the state to hire employees!

My business has been steadily growing since I started 4 years ago.  I started out part-time with side projects here and there.  Then I started working more consistently on small projects.  Last year landed a couple larger projects lasting months and years.  Today, I have so much work I realize I am not capable of completing everything myself.

What’s Next

I am looking forward to building more connections with web designers and web developers in the area who want to work together on projects.  I am very appreciative of those people I already collaborate with, and look forward to discovering who else would like to join with me.

If anybody is interested in subcontract work, employee work, or hiring my business to do work, please send me an email or give me a call!

113 thoughts on “Now Hiring!

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