My Introduction to Blogging

So here I am with my first Blog entry! I would much rather talk with people in person, but I also desire to see my business succeed. I hope this blog will be a place for customers to get to know me and what I am doing with my business. Second, I want my family and friends to know what I do with my time, if they so desire. Finally, as I continue to learn new and old technology, my thoughts may be helpful for other tech persons.

I will start by introducing myself. In my next post I will share about what technologies I have been learning. After that I hope to give updates while I am taking new steps in my business, learning new material and skills, or have something I find pertinent to share with those who are listening. Here I go…

Who am I?

My name is Brian. I am passionate about learning as much as I can, and I enjoy serving people to help them succeed. I went to University of Idaho to receive a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering along with a couple other majors in math and chemistry. I did very well in my classes and definitely enjoyed the challenges. After graduating in December 2007, my wife and I decided to stay in the Palouse region for a while. We have many friends here, and we love serving at our church.

With the lack of chemical engineering positions in the area, and being a little desperate to find some work, I started dabbling with computer programming and database work. What started as a hobby quickly became an avenue to start making an income. The learning curve has been steep and adventurous: beginning with Microsoft Access databases, then simple websites, then web applications, later server management, and so forth. Studying engineering was very exciting for me, but I am finding out how much more I enjoy building database applications for the web! It is a privilege to convert a paper system to an electronic system, or to convert and idea from someone else into a functioning reality. I never considered myself “creative,” but I am learning that I do have a creative ability in development that is pretty fun.

I am a hard worker. I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well. I also live a full life beyond just work. My wife and I help mentor college students, and we are very active in our local church. I am grateful for what Jesus has done for me through his death, burial and resurrection, so I have committed myself to giving my all for his glory. I hope that the quality of my life (my love, joy, ethics, willingness to serve, concern for people, diligence, etc.) will be a testimony of how real my God is and how well he has treated me.

Additionally, I want to mention that I appreciate my wife very much. She is wonderfully supportive, especially in the times when I have wondered, “Why am I doing this?” She is my best friend, and I am grateful to have someone willing to be with me through this adventure.

488 thoughts on “My Introduction to Blogging

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